Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Just Let Your Curly Hair Be


Don’t try to straight it, don’t brush it, just let it be and it will smile back to you. Start loving those curls and always think that so many women with straight hair would kill for a curly hair. Learn how to care for it and what products are…

Braided Hair Styles


I found a few very nice braided hair styles that I would like to share with you. So here it goes:

This would actually look much better on curly hair so feel free to wear it.

I really like this braided hair style.

When I was little my mom used to…

Egg Yolk as Natural Shampoo


Natural curly hair is generally dryer because the natural fat spreads harder on hair length. This is why most of curly hair women complain that their hair does not shine, is not hydrated, looks like a straw broom and they hate it :).
The majority of shampoos out there…

Curly Hair Style with Bow


I have always liked romantic hair styles and a bow on a curly hair is the definition of romantism :). Is not like I only like delicate and graceful looks, but I find them very feminine, as every woman should be.
Bows can be worn in many ways but…

Beautiful Hair Colors


I usually like natural hair colors but sometimes a more red color than natural can simply look amazing on you. Hair color is very important because choosing a wrong color, which is not suited for your complexion, makes you look aweful, or, if not aweful, it doesn’t make you…

Lovely Hair Accesories for Christmas Party


As Christmas dinner or party is comming, I thought I should offer some great ideas of hair look using accesories which are all lovely, deserve to be worn and will definitelly make you look special. Just make sure you will choose one which is in contrast with your hair…

Straight or Curly Hair?


Curly hair makes you look younger and gives a romantic look as straight hair makes you look more mature. All princesses from fairytales were portrayed with long curly hair to look young and delicate, natural, romantic as bad queens had straight hair styles and this because curly hair sweetens…

Style Your Curly Hair with a Scarf

This is a very nice and quick way to style your curly hair. It is trendy too. This style allows you to wear down your beautiful curls and have a special look in the same time. You can use a satin scarf, knitted, simple or with motifs, wide or…

Wedding Curly Hairstyle Updo


This is a wonderful wedding curly hairstyle updo. As you can conclude from the image, it is a long curly hair updo, but I am sure it can be done on a medium hair too. I would love it even more if it had more strands falling down and…

Redhead Curly Hair Style


Here is a cute and wild curly hair style on a beautiful red colour. I love the bang on this curly hair cut. The length of the hair is perfect, you can do anything you want with your hair, updos or pony tails, and it is not complicated to…