Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Anti-dandruff Herbal Waters


Today, unfortunately, we forgot the benefits that herbs have in treating various health and cosmetic problems.
In this post I will present herbal waters which relieve dandruff effectively.
Burdock root hair water. Ingredients:

40 g burdock root tincture
20 g nettle tincture
40 g witch hazel water
3 drops of rosemary oil

Stir the tinctures and…

Hippie Style Ideas for Curly Hair


I love hippie hair styles alot. I find them very feminine and natural. In my opinion, wavy or curly hair define best the hippie trend. I like to borrow details from old-fashioned styles both in terms of hairstyle and clothes. It is wonderful if you succed to create your…

Special Evening Hair Styles


There’s not much to say about this subject, except posting some pictures with lovely evening hair styles I like alot.

Hair Scarves


One of my favorite ways of wearing my curly hair is using scarves in all sort of colors, shapes and fabric. Choosing the right scarf, cotton, silk, knitted, crocheted, and so on, you can make a special hair style appropiate for any occasion. There are many ways to wear…

Tousled and Messy Curly Hair Styles


How sexy can be the casual curly hair styles in this post?! I love the tousled and messy styles, which seem made in hurry, not carring to arrange it too much, before you leave out, and still look so … very sexy :). These styles are perfect for curly…

Herbal Infusions for Healthy Hair and Scalp


Herbal infusions are concentrated teas: medicinal plants put in hot water which is covered for at least 20 minutes. Decoction is when the plants are boiled in water for a certain period of time, like 20-30 minutes. In hair’s case is better to use infusions, let them get cool…

Evening Curly Hair Styles


We all participate from time to time at certain events which call for a more elegant look. Of course, our hair is part of the picture so we must style it accordingly. The evening curly hair styles I will present in this post are simply beautiful.

With those flowers in…

Natural Hair Toning


Chemical hair dyes contain ammonia, synthetic coloring agents, detergents, EDTA, ethanol, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and many other artificial substances. They all pass through the scalp in the bloodstream. Some of these substances are suspected to be carcinogenic. But hair can be toned naturally, without any risk of degradation….

Natural Remedies Against Hair Loss


We all have times when we lose more hair than usual, this should not scare us. We also have our periods of “shedding” to regenerate the hair and this happends mostly in the spring and fall, but massive hair loss is a problem.
For men it may not be…

Curly Bob Hair Cuts


Curly bob hair cuts are classic and feminine. One can never go wrong with a bob cut on a curly hair. Plus it makes you look younger and can be worn at any age.
In my opinion, this is the best hair cut for older ladies. As the hair…