Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Trendy Short-Medium Curly Hair Styles


If you want to make a change you may take in consideration some of these trendy short-medium curly hair styles I found and share with you. As “trendy” is anything but classic, I tried to find as many ‘different’ styles for curly hair as I could. If you are…

How Curly Hair Should Be Cut


I’ve just found out that curly hair should be cut…while it’s dry. Most of the hair stylists do not know this and cut our curly hair while it’s wet. Because of this, I’ve had some bad experiences with cutting my hair, being cut nicely when it was wet but…

Vintage Curly Hair Styles


I love out of the ordinary curly hair syles. That is why I am always in search of special styles for my curly hair. Even though I do not wear all of what I present here, I enjoy sharing them with you and know they are stored here,…

Beautiful Curly Hair in Music Videos


I am always in search of beautiful curly hair styles. Lately, I found amazing curly hair styles when watching some music videos.
My first recommendation is a romanian singer who has recently launched a video for his last very beautiful song. The girl in the video wears some amazing curly…

Care For Your Hair According to Moon Phases

curly hair and moon phases

It is known that Moon phases influence life on earth like the tides, agriculture (sowing, harvesting and other specific activities), health, mood, beauty and so on.

As for the hair, which is a symbol of feminine beauty, it is also subject to Moon influence. Hair restoration treatments are most effective…

Emmy Rossum’s Sexy Curly Hair Styles


Emmy Rossum is young, beautiful, has a divine voice and above all..beautiful curly hair :). She’s sexy, delicate, very feminine and I simply love her fashion and hair styles which inspire me alot.
I gathered a lot of her curly hair styles pictures from the Internet and I will…

African American Hair Ideas


African americans’ hair is different than white people’s hair. It is very very curly, but, in general, the curls are not large, are tighter and kinky. If I am wrong, please correct me, but this is what I noticed.
From what I read, african americans’ hair is more sensitive than…

Curly Hair Must-Have Tools


There are a few specific curly hair must-have tools which should be owned and used by every person who has this type of hair. The tools I definitelly recommend are:

a wide tooth comb which must be used to detangle your wet…

Shiny Curly Hair


Curly hair is, in general, a dry hair therefore without shine. Shiny, hydrated curls are rare thing to see, but not impossible to obtain. I manage to care for my curly hair without too much effort.
The first secret to obtain beautiful, shiny curls is to let your hair…

Men With Curly Hair


I do not want to discriminate curly hair men so this post it will be about them :). Men with curly hair I find very sexy. Like in women’s case, the haircut makes the difference between sublime and ridiculous. Men with curly hair, who know how to wear it,…