Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

How To Keep Your Curls Intact In The Cold Weather


Treating yourself to some quality time at the salon is a fantastic way of cheering yourself up when the days get shorter and colder. There is nothing quite like walking out of the hairdressers knowing you look like a million dollars and then perhaps heading off to an evening…

Top 10 Best Tips For Your Curly Hair


Beautiful hair enhances your beauty. Curly hair, of course, adds prettiness to your appearance. Ignoring your curly hair leads to tangles. Here are some tips for your curly hair.

1.Know your beauty

Curly hair is indeed God gifted. They are fluffy, bouncy and can be styled in any pattern.

2.Selection of products


Have You Ever Wondered What Makes Hair Curly?


Curly vs. Straight

There are many different hair types but on the extremes are those with curly hair and those with straight hair. Curly hairs are ones which are curved or even go round in loops. There are also those with curls that result in wavy hair. Straight hair on…

Natural Hair Dye – An Alternative To Harsh Chemicals?


Over time natural hair dye has been neglected whilst people have chosen to use hair dye that contains synthetic and harmful ingredients instead. In the 1860s, the ingredients used in synthetic hair dye were developed by chemists, Para-Phenylenediamine and Hydrogen Peroxide. The PPD is used as a component but…

The Nine Most Popular and Glamorous Wedding Hair Accessories


The bride-to-be undoubtedly wishes to look the most gorgeous and elegant on her wedding day. She would never take a risk with her wedding get up and thus, every single detail is to be taken care of with prime concern. The hairdo of the bride is often regarded as…

The Best Styling Products for Curly Hair

curly hair styling products

Controlling curly hair can often seem like an impossible task. Women who find themselves constantly struggling to conquer frizz, need worry no longer. There are many products available which will help ladies look after those lush, curly locks. With hair looking gorgeous, ladies will undoubtedly feel confident and back…

A Lazy Girls Guide To Healthier Curly Hair


Guest post written by Vicky Olubi. Vicky is the founder and creator of My Curls, a curly hair company that produces curly hair products. Vicky shares free hair care advice in her monthly newsletter at www.mycurls.co.uk.

Whilst some curly girls prefer to spend hours on a daily hair regimen, many curly girls…

Summertime Curly Hair Styles Tutorial


Here is a curly hair tutorial made by a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous hair. I super like her styles. They are so easy to make and, in the same time, they are very very sexy. I also like the hair accesories she uses in the end, the colorful…

Make Your Hair Healthy With Proper Attention And Cure


Hair loss is a common phenomenon in today’s daily life. Whether it is younger people or older people, the premature loss of hair is an embarrassment. Hair loss was mainly considered a problem for aged persons but now it has become an inseparable problem for younger generation too. The…

A Few Advices For A Healthy Hair


Curly hair is usually low in fat and fluids that makes the hair to often resist any attempt of styling. The best remedies for taming rebellious curls are oil treatments and special care products, hair wax for smoothing and shaping. After shampooing, massage your hair with oil, which will be left on for half an hour…