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My Great Curly Haircut


I will share my great curly haircut with you, at least I consider it great. It is the best hair cut for my hair and the shape of my face until present, who knows what other curly hair cuts I will try in the future and maybe like them more than this one, but I really doubt it. These are the pictures with which I went to my hairstylist. I found one of straight hair where she could see the details and one for curly hair, which helped me a lot to decide this is what I want to try. I was not very convinced, but the curly hair photo made me decide in its favour. Here is the straight version great haircut FFEKJKJYPC22. The curly version of this great hair cut, well it’s not that curly but at least I could make an idea about how it will look and believe me, on curlier hair looks much better than in this photo. Isn’t it great? A few months ago I wanted to try bang too, and again I looked for a curly hair with bang photo to see if is cool or not, and I found this picture curly hair with bang then I did it and do not regret it, it looks so great for me, makes me look younger and cuter. So what do you think?

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