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How Curly Hair Should Be Cut


I’ve just found out that curly hair should be cut…while it’s dry. Most of the hair stylists do not know this and cut our curly hair while it’s wet. Because of this, I’ve had some bad experiences with cutting my hair, being cut nicely when it was wet but shortening too much when it was dry.

If you think about it, it’s logical to be cut while it’s dry, because curls are arranging differently. A curly hair is much shorter when it’s dry than it is when it’s wet, unlike straight one which has the same length no matter if it’s dry or wet. Also, the shape of curly hair varies from person to person, therefore, it is always recommended to cut hair in a custom way, function of how tight curls are, face shape, how they naturally arrange when they dry, and so on.

Here are more details as to why it is better to cut curly hair while it’s dry.

How to Cut Curly Hair

What do you say about this technique? Does your stylist cut your curly hair this way?

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