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How Often Should You Cut Curly Hair

cut curly hair

Long luscious curls are considered to be perfect for women who were born with curly hair. Being able to know how to style curly hair would make them more attractive and sexy. There are more women who prefer to maintain their curls and just do different methods to keep it looking healthy and free from […]

How Curly Hair Should Be Cut


I’ve just found out that curly hair should be cut…while it’s dry. Most of the hair stylists do not know this and cut our curly hair while it’s wet. Because of this, I’ve had some bad experiences with cutting my hair, being cut nicely when it was wet but shortening too much when it was […]

Curly Bob Hair Cuts


Curly bob hair cuts are classic and feminine. One can never go wrong with a bob cut on a curly hair. Plus it makes you look younger and can be worn at any age. In my opinion, this is the best hair cut for older ladies. As the hair turns gray, the beauty of curly […]

Curly Hair with Bang


Curly hair with bang looks very good, though many women tend to avoid it. Bang on curly hair makes you look younger and more interesting. Of course, before doing it, you must talk to your stylist and ask his/her opinion. The bang can be all equal, asymmetrical, cut more or less and only your stylist […]

Beautiful Short-Medium Curly Hair Cut


Beautiful short-medium curly hair cut with bang. Choose this curly hair style which will definitely make you look younger. The colour is beautiful too.

My Great Curly Haircut


This is my great curly haircut. It is the best hair cut for my curly hair tried until now. I never tried a bang curly hair style and I love it.