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Wondeful Braided Hairdos


I don’t know about you, but I really like to wear my curly hair in many different ways, so I never get bored of it. How could I? I have a beautiful and healthy hair I am happy with.

In this post, I will show you a few wonderful braided hairdos perfect for curly hair that can be worn any time of the day including at special occasions. If you use the proper accesories you can transform virtually any simple hairdo in an evening one. I will make a post about wondeful hair accesories too.

Wearing your hair different everyday will make you will feel so good about yourself. The women with long curly hair have an advantage.

Remember, any picture I post on my blog, even if it presents a straight hairdo, you can do it for your curly hair too. I emphasize this because I received a feedback from someone that not all the hair styles from my blog are curly hair ones. No, they aren’t but I didn’t post them for nothing, I post them so you can be inspired to do the same with your curly hair, even if it will not look like in the pictures. Sometimes, it is not about curly or straight hair, it is about the way you can do the hair style. Take for example, the braided hairstyles.

So here it goes:

They are lovely, aren’t they? The last two hairstyles are not braided. From what I can see, they are simple ponytails wrapped with strands of hair,

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