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When You Want a Change – How to Safely Straighten Those Curls

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Naturally curly hair is beautiful and, with the right style, treatment and care can look way more stylish and interesting than naturally straight hair. But sometimes, you just want a change. So what are the best ways to straighten really curly hair? And are they all damaging?

Blow dryers, straightening irons, balms, mousse, gels… used every day then they’re going to dry your hair out and leave it unhealthy and unmanageable. What you want is to find the perfect way to straighten your hair, without damaging it and without drying it out.

Here’s a few tips to get your curly tresses sleek without breaking them – or the bank!

TIP 1 – make sure your hair is in good condition!

Probably the most important thing ever. Before you use products, tools or anything else on your hair, it really needs to be in good condition. Products don’t ‘mend’ split ends, they merely conceal them and can’t actually fix them. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. Watch how much you’re dyeing it as well, as this can result in really dry hair. If you have to have a colour then it’s best to go to a stylist who has a much better vantage point and can just touch up your roots rather than soaking all the hair through with chemicals.

TIP 2 – keep your curly hair moisturised

Curly hair in general is problematic to keep hydrated. And damaged curly hair mean really bad dehydration meaning styling can be next to impossible. The best thing to do is concentrate on spending money on a decent, moisturising shampoo with as many natural ingredients as possible and stick to washing around three times a week rather than every day. Frequent washing actually dries your hair even more.

TIP 3 – select your conditioner carefully

It’s better to choose a moisturising one, rather than one that is anti-frizz. This is because the latter are often silicone based, and while this can help to protect against heat damage, too much silicone can also prevent hair from absorbing moisture – the single most important thing to healthy hair.

TIP 4 – styling

Straight out of the shower, squeeze excess moisture out of your hair and apply some serum. This will help to heatseal your hair against the straighteners you’ll use later, and keep wispy ends at bay. Then pin your hair in four sections – it’s much easier to blow dry or straighten hair in sections.

Hair straighteners don’t need to cost a fortune and there are alternatives to GHD straighteners. Have a search around and you’ll find some cheaper hair straighteners that are still great products.

Get started with the straightening:

  • Hold a 1 inch section taut around a round brush, aim the blow dryer down on a medium heat at least six inches away from the section of hair.
  • Blast each chunk with cool air to seal in the shine.
  • Then go over with a straightening iron to smooth it perfectly flat.
  • Brush hair and style as normal.

And voila! Perfectly smooth, straight hair and no damage in sight!

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