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Vintage Curly Hair Styles


I love out of the ordinary curly hair syles. That is why I am always in search of special styles for my curly hair. Even though I do not wear all of what I present here, I enjoy sharing them with you and know they are stored here, on my CurlyHairSpot blog, for the times I will be looking for them :).

Lately, I became fascinated by vintage clothes and hairstyles. My favourite cars are also vintage ones like 60’s american cars :).

But getting back to the subject of my blog, I surfed the Internet in order to find beautiful and special vintage curly hair styles and here is what I found:

Also, these are two great tutorials of vintage curly hair styles for you to watch. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Vintage Curly Hair Updo

Vintage Romantic Curly Hair Style

By the way, the red color of this girl’s hair is simply amazing. Because of her, I am really thinking to change my hair color.

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