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The Nine Most Popular and Glamorous Wedding Hair Accessories


The bride-to-be undoubtedly wishes to look the most gorgeous and elegant on her wedding day. She would never take a risk with her wedding get up and thus, every single detail is to be taken care of with prime concern. The hairdo of the bride is often regarded as the final addition to the whole getup. Thus, nothing can go wrong with it. There are fabulous hair accessory ideas for brides available in the market. Some of them are as follows.


Combs might appear to be just another hair accessory. However, they are often regarded as a very crucial component in wedding hair accessory. These comb shaped hair accessory stay attached to the head and make a beautiful headpiece. They can be fitted either on the side or middle of the head. Some of the combs are studded with pearls or rhinestones, and has a great aesthetic value. These must be worn with updos to make the whole appearance fabulous.



A wedding hair clip is a very basic hair accessory, which the bride would need to keep the hair from falling over her face. Hair clips can be of various types depending upon the material used to manufacture them (metal, plastic and even wooden. The wooden clips are called Barrettes). Hair snaps are also a great option, used to hold the tiny straps of hair to the back of the ear.


Crystal hairpins have always been at the top of the list of the most favored hair accessories. There is a plethora of designs available as options to choose from. You can go for the various Orchid designs, which include the soft feather patterns, the branches resembling the diamante shape or settle for the various funky patterns.


If you wish to wear a ponytail, you can choose from the various ponytail holders or the decorative elastics. These undoubtedly add a charm to the entire get up of the bride.


The flower-pattern in hair accessories, are a craze among the women. There is a psychological connection to floral designs. Therefore wedding hair accessories with flowers as pattern will never be outdated.

Hair Sticks

Whether you wish to style your hair into a bun or a updo, the hair sticks will be the best option available. They offer a different decoration to the bride’s hair. Bridal hairpins come in various designs and patterns.


Hair Pricks

Pricks are basically tiny jewel, which are either worn in a particular pattern or are scattered through the hair.


Headbands are undoubtedly one of the most awesome hair accessories. These are available in various widths and are to be worn with a stylish updo. Tiaras are the most popular headbands. One can choose one designed with flowers made of tiaras and would undoubtedly add to the dazzle of the wedding.

Hair Slides

Hair slides also help you to keep your hair in place. These slides are nothing more than hair clips designed with stones as well as pearls to add the glamour quotient.

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