Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Shakira`s Curly Hair Style


I want to present this curly hair style of Shakira because I really find it special. I love the colour game, black roots and blonde highlights. This type of hair style is done by applying many highlights, at ends becoming all blonde. This is a very nice transition from dark roots to blonde. Women who […]

Darker Roots Look Cool on Curly Hair


There are lots of advantages to have curly hair and one of them is, that you are not obliged to dye your hair too often when it grows, because it still looks good. The reason for this is that there is not a well defined border from darker to lighter colour, like it happens with […]

Highlights on Curly Hair


Highlights on curly hair look so much better than on straight one. In my opinion, the best hairlights are the thin and frequent ones with 3-4 shades lighter than your hair colour, which gets you a natural sun kissed look. On a curly hair, the highlights fit in so nicely. I am attaching a few […]

Stylish Curly Hair Updo


I simply love this stylish curly hair updo, perfect for any elegant occasion. This hair style is perfectly emphasized by a beautiful and supple neck and an elegant allure. As bride, you can put a flower in your hair like in the next picture and you’ll have a wonderful hairdo. If your wedding dress has […]

Romantic Curly Hair Style for Long Hair


I simply love this curly hair style for long hair. It’s looks so tousled and yet so romantic. When I look at this girl with this beautiful curly hair style I think of those times when women wore long dresses and their long hair in wonderful styles. Those were the times when all women were […]

Simple Curly Hair Style


Curly hair style for medium to long hair. Simple and yet so charming. This is a great curly hair style for day and evening.

Hair Style for Long Curly Hair


I love this curly hair style, it’s so simple and yet so sexy. On a straight hair it would have looked boring, so be happy you have a curly hair and you can wear it like this, I am. This is a hair cut with bang but as you see, it looks great. I also […]