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Nicely Shaped Curls And Volume – My Trick


Not all women are blessed to have naturally nicely shaped curls and volume regardless the length of their hair and I really envy those who have long beautiful curly hair, volume and pretty curls.

Since I was little, I have always dreamed of having long hair but, I do not know why, I never had the patience to let it grow until a few years ago when I reached the waist level (while wet :) ). It was something I wanted and waited to find out how it feels to have it that long. I must say that I wasn’t satisfied about how my hair looked back then, because I did not have volume at the roots, which I enjoy so much, because of the weight. Anyway, one day I was so tired that I did not wait to naturally dry my hair completely and I went to sleep with it wet. The next day, I had amazing volume and very nice curls. So I started to “style” my hair like this everytime I washed it. I prefered to wash it in the evening and go to sleep with it still wet. This trick works everytime and it is proper from half neck length level down, therefore especially for medium to long curly hair, because if you have it too short you will wake up with it like a helmet :). Like I was saying, you will definitely have volume to the roots and the curls will look much better because there is no gravity to pull them down and will curl nicely.

Now I have it a little longer than shoulders level and I am happy with it. Easy to manage and I have many styles I can wear. Sometimes I let it dry the usual way and sometimes during sleep. Either way, it looks very nice, of course with more volume if I aproach the ‘sleeping hair styling’.

Try it and see for yourself! It would be nice to come back and share your opinion.

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