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How to Curl Hair Without a Curler


Curly hair – you’re either born with it or you’re not. If you’re not, you spend a ton of money and lots of time trying to get those beautiful, curly locks. The only trouble is that over-styling is bad for your hair. If you don’t want to scald your scalp, here are some alternative curling options that do it naturally.

Braid Your Hair

Depending on your hair type, braiding it may work for you. Braiding trains your hair to curl. If you want tighter curls, tie it into tighter braids. Looser braids get you more gentle waves. If your hair is stubborn and the results won’t last, add a little mousse.

Try braiding your hair every night and sleeping with it in braids. Assuming you spend around eight hours sleeping, that’s a long time for your hair to be twisted up and it’ll retain those curls after you wake up. This is a great temporary solution.

You can also scrunch your hair up into a tight braid after your shower. Do it while your hair is wet and let it dry that way.

Mousse and Serums

You can sometimes use mousse to get curls without braiding. Try applying mousse to your hair and then scrunching it up. This works best right after you towel it dry. If your hair has a little bit of natural curl or wave, this will work. Gel holds it even better, but it’s best to stick with mousse because too much gel gives you ‘shell head.’ Then your hair looks totally unnatural.

You can also try curling serums that you buy at the store. Follow the directions on the package. They usually tell you to apply the serum after normal washing and conditioning. These get fairly mixed results but they work really well for some people.

Old School Non-Electric Curlers

You can also try the old curler method. Styling products use heat and this damages hair, but just rolling your locks up into curls does nothing of the sort. Curl it up, pin it, wait a while and then undo. Depending on how stubborn your hair is, keep them in longer.

If you’ve got short hair, you can do some natural curling without the curlers. Right after your shower, apply a little bit of any product that has holding power while it’s still wet. Comb your hair upward into little hoops and pin it in place. Wait until your hair is dry and then remove.

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions. Everybody’s hair is different and no one method works for everybody. It all depends on what your hair does naturally. The best thing is to try out each one of these simple methods and see if they work before you reach for the products or treatment.

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