Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Hair Styles That Will Get His Attention


You have a crush on a sweet guy, but you don’t know how to get his attention. How will you ever get him to look at you? There are more than a few hairstyles that can catch his eyes.

While those of us with curly hair don’t always feel like we have a lot of options when trying to tame

our wild locks, options are available, and easy to master. The following hairstyles are not only easy, but beautiful, attention-grabbing, fun, and are specifically for us girls with gorgeous curls.

Loose waves

Guys love when women sport soft, touchable waves. Sleeping with hair in loose braids will give you this carefree style by morning. Spray hair with a salt water spray and scrunch it to get beautiful beach waves.


Long layers with complimentary highlights will give him a lot to look at and love. Boost long layers with loose, sculpted curls. He will want to run his hands through your hair in no time.

Side-swept bangs

It may get annoying to push your bangs back every so often, but it will look flirtatious. The occasional bangs in your eyes will encourage him to push them to the side. Touch is a sure way to get his attention.

Healthy shine

Nothing is more unattractive than greasy hair. It looks unclean, and it will get his attention for all of the wrong reasons. Guys like hair that has a healthy glow. If you have dry, over-processed hair, apply oil treatments or smoothing cream. A full head of hair needs about a dime-sized amount. Plus, if your hair ends up smelling delightful, it is a bonus.

Waterfall braid

Waterfall braids look intricate and feminine, which is only some of the reasons it will catch his eye. With a waterfall braid, he will notice that you spent time on your hairstyle. Remember, smooth your hair before starting the horizontal braid. Frizzy hair is not a good way to get his attention.

Just rolled out of bed

It is universally known that guys love bedhead. A polished bedhead style makes him want to run his hands through it, and he may picture cuddling in bed. Fake tousled bedhead hair by adding texture by working in mousse at the roots or spraying hairspray.


Most guys like when a women sports a cheerleader ponytail. Throwing your hair into a high, wispy ponytail will make him drool. Guys do not like super-tight, slick ponytails. Keep your ponytail loose and playful to get his attention.

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