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Hair Color Means More Than You Think

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When you walk into a room, when you meet someone new, go on a job interview, or address a crowd– before you even open your mouth, there’s a part of you that has already started speaking. It’s the color of your tresses. Maybe you’ve never paid it much attention, forever sporting the color bestowed upon your from birth, or maybe your hair color changes with the seasons, jumping from red to blonde with the blooming of the flowers. Whether you’re paying attention or not, others are. The color of your coiff is sending a message, loud and clear. Hair stylists have long understood that there’s a certain psychology associated with hair color. Kyle White, senior colorist to the stars at New York’s Oscar Blandi salon tells Marie Claire magazine that there’s more than meets the eye when a client sits in his chair.

A hair color change means transformation. And people like it because it’s quick, it’s not permanent, and the visual difference can be quite dramatic. White explains that he often sees clients when they’re going through life changes. Whether it’s a breakup, new baby, or new job– color, the right color, can boost your mood and give you confidence. He goes as far as saying that particularly after a break up, a new color is part of the healing process. He has had celebrities tell him that a light blonde he produced made them feel happy, and that fresh highlights made them feel feminine. And, his most requested color? White says it is definitely blonde. Interestingly enough, the request to go lighter is usually coming from the clients’ spouses and significant others. Could this be because blondes really do have more fun?

Which brings us to the next matter– what the color of your hair says about you. Over at Lifescript, a website dedicated to women’s health, color experts delve into the messages your mane is sending.


Red is interesting, because the perception it evokes goes to two completely different extremes. As colorist Jon Patrick explains, redheads are either seen as sexy, or homely. This is the rarest natural color, so to pull off a bottle red, you need a good colorist who will give you a nice rich color, while avoiding the brassy orange effect. Other common opinions about redheads stems from all things fiery– they are often seen as feisty and opinionated.


Black hair is bold, and it will showcase every aspect of your face. Black with blue or violet undertones is quite dramatic, while brown undertones give a softer look. Celebrity hair stylist David Ingham says that black haired beauties are seen as exotic, mysterious, and tough.


It’s safe to say that most everyone thinks of brunettes as the smart girls, the good girls, the responsible girls that have it all together and figured out. But beware, brunette can also be perceived as boring. To avoid this stereotype, Patrick offers this– add highlights or lowlights, and try an interesting cut.


Blondes are seen as the bombshells of the bunch. Think of sex icons Marilyn Monroe and Mae West. According to Patrick, blondes get more attention because the eye is drawn to lighter shades. The downside to lighter locks? Blondes are oftentimes not taken seriously, and may be perceived as vain and high maintenance.

Angel Krause is a content writer for HairDirect.com a hair replacement company.

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