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Do Curls Get The Gurls?

Reece Ritchie curly hair style

Do curls really get the girls? Recently, it seems a lot of guys think “curls kill”. We’ve seen a sudden trend in the male population using their sisters hair straighteners to get a sleeker look. But is straight really sexier or are traditional curls stealing the hearts of fair maiden’s everywhere? We look to the stars to see who’s pulling babes with their cute curls.

Reece Ritchie

British actor, Reece Ritchie is one of those guys that makes the curls look easy. Best known for his role as “Moha” in the (crap) epic film 10,000 BC, Ritchie has a mane of curls like no other and has become a curly haired sex symbol for men all over the world promoting curly-hair-allure. While Ritchie is a talented actor, outside of the UK you probably haven’t come across him if you only watch Hollywood movies. But in our curly-haired opinion, his curly hair has much more talent. We think he’s a man on a mission and his twists and twirls have him considered a sex symbol over in the UK, thanks to his stylist long curly hair.

Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner curly hairstyle

He may play stepbrother to the world’s most talked about sisters, but we think Brody Jenner’s curls are a star in their own right. This California boy is by no means pulling up stumps when it comes to finding a lady, and he proved his popularity with the opposite sex both on hit reality TV series Laguna Beach and The Hills. Jenner might never be a high-priced model, a talented actor or a shrewd businessman, but when it comes to strategic Hollywood dating, he’s a budding expert. With bedmates like Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Richie, Cora Skinner, Jayde Nicole and let’s not forget the feisty Canadian crooner Avril Lavigne… Jenner’s curls must be a force to be reckoned with, given that his Hollywood influence (being a noted ladies man/womanizer) is probably not doing too much for these women’s show business careers.

Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier men curly hair style

No woman can deny that Adrian Grenier is the typical tall, dark and handsome. His starring role on Entourage as Vince Chase has guys wanting to be like him and women wanting to tame him (from his bad boy image). But one things for sure, Grenier’s healthy mop of curly hair, combined with his scruff-tastic face and smoldering gaze have him right on the mark for “sexy-man subduing women with curls”. Adrian Grenier’s naturally curly hair allows him to achieve a look that is impossible if one’s hair is straight, without the help of a professional hair stylist… so count your ringlets if you’ve got them because they’re sure fire sexy if we do say so ourselves.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake curly hair

How or why Justin Timberlake turned his back on his curly-haired roots is a mystery to us all. JT has recently made a comeback in the music industry, but his curls have not. What is up with his hair? We aren’t so sure, but why is it so straight? Looking back to boy-band Justin Timberlake we see the sexy curls that got him the girls (Britney Spears) and led him to walk the streets of Hollywood with screaming women everywhere trying to get close enough to de-pants him. And eventually that ritual led him to his own solo-amaze music career. But now, we see a new JT and it hurts to see you looking so mainstream. With your sleek, straight and smoothed back hair – to be honest, we think you looked better bouncy. So always remember where you came from JT, because we always will.

James De Franco

James De Franco curly hair style

James Franco is a curly-haired guy with an artsy side and a devil-may-care attitude. His long curly locks are still longer on top than on the sides, but overall are longer everywhere you look. He’s a hot curly haired guy and he pulls the “lay-days” it’s as simple as that. Franco has in the past dabbled with the straight-haired look and obviously resulted in a dry-streak that has led him back to the curls regime. He’s got the easy-going style, where his curls may appear a bit bed-head messy, with not much attention, but in actual fact is a well defined style with a sexy beard to contribute to his all-round sexiness. James De Franco with curly hair is so much cuter than James De Franco with straight hair. Got it? Good.

By Adriana Lambert

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