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Curly Hair Styles That Wont Frizz Out In The Rain

Curly Hair Styles That Wont Frizz Out In The Rain

Curly hair can look very beautiful, but it is more prone to frizz, especially when it is raining. Dealing with frizzy hair can be very frustrating if you have to be somewhere important. Luckily, there are a few curly hairstyles you can create that will not frizz out in the rain.

Messy Chignon

A messy chignon is a very classy hairstyle and it will hide frizz very well. To create this hairstyle, pull your hair back into a side ponytail. Then, twist the ponytail and wrap it around the starting point of the ponytail. If there are any stray pieces left, do not worry about them; they will just add character to your hairstyle. Mist your hair with a holding hairspray to hold the style in place.

Fishtail Braid

Little girls are not the only ones who look great in braids. Putting your hair in a fishtail braid can give you a romantic and effortless look. After you have washed your hair, apply mousse to the roots and allow your hair to air dry. When your hair dries, use a big comb to tease your roots; it will give your hair some volume. Then, put your hair back in a low ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. Split your hair into two sections and start braiding. Do not be afraid to pull some loose pieces of hair out from the front to make the look more flirty.

Topknot Bun

One of the easiest hairstyles for curly hair is a topknot bun. It is so easy to create and will really hide frizz. To create this hairstyle, brush your hair into a high ponytail and tie it with a rubber band. Then, twist your hair in a loop and twist it around itself. Spray your hair with hairspray so that your style lasts longer.

Tousled Waves

When the weather is humid, do not try to straighten your hair with a flat iron. If you just leave your natural hair texture alone, it will look tousled and pretty. After you get done shampooing your hair, apply mouuse all over your hair and let your hair air dry.

As you can see, it is not difficult to control your curly hair in the rain. If you try one of the hairstyles above, your hair will look very pretty and polished. These hairstyles are very simple and will take you no longer than two minutes to create.

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