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Best Hairstyles for Natural Curls

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Women that were born with curly hair tend to hate their curls. Not only does the hair pouf, but the slightest contact with humidity can cause frizz to show up. Another reason why naturally curly women despise the locks they’re born with is that they assume they have limited styling options. If you’re a natural and you hold the same opinion, you are mistaken. Truth is, natural curls have a great variety of styling options and you can go for any length you desire.

If you are interested to try out different looks, here are some of the best hairstyles suited for naturally curly hair:


beautiful  woman with  long curly hairs

This hairstyle aims to embrace the natural curls of the hair. At the same time, the curls are styled to become full blown to add more texture yet give it a relaxed finish for a polished result.

There are some tricks you can try to create the volume needed for this kind of hairstyle. First off, you can comb the interior of the hair using your fingers or try a backcombing technique. Let the hair fall naturally and divide the surface layers of your curls for more volume. Spray on a light hold hairspray to keep that shape.

Product to use: Pomade will help to eliminate natural frizz from showing.

Ideal for: Almost all face shapes but best results for women with thick hair.

Glam Curls

glam curls

Naturally curly women can go for soft, full curls for a sophisticated look. This particular hairstyle works best for cocktail events or late-night gatherings.

Use a volumising foam mousse to prep your hair for this style, then blow dry it on low or medium setting with a diffuser. Scrunch up hair for more texture and repeat the process on the rest of your hair. A light hold hairspray will help keep the shape without being too stiff.

Product/s to use: Volumising foam can give hair more volume and shape.

Ideal for: This hairstyle will work on most face shapes but ideal for thick hair.

Afro Bombshell

wonderful woman with black curly hair

This is a classic hairstyle for naturally curly women. It is also the easiest to prepare because you are basically using what nature gave you and simply styling it for more precise waves and curls.

Start off by applying a light hold mousse to hold the shape and body of your afro. Use a blow dryer with diffuser and set it to medium heat to begin styling. If desired, apply light hold hairspray so you can retain that volume for as long as possible.

Product/s to use: A light hold mousse.

Ideal for: Best for any face shape and both medium to thick hair.

Medium Bob

pretty girl with curly hair

There is a myth that naturally curly women shouldn’t go for shorter haircuts. However, medium length hair can look great for women with natural curls, especially if you give it more texture and opt for a high volume style.

A styling primer must be applied on hair prior to styling it. Then, use finger tips to tease hair or blow dryer with diffuser attachment on low heat setting. When you are done, shake your curls and allow them to naturally fall. A medium hold hairspray can help retain the volume and bounce of your medium-length hair.

Product/s to use: Pomade, texturising pomade, and styling primer.

Ideal for: Fine to medium hair.

Curly Hairstyle Tips

  • It’s not true that short curly hair isn’t good. It is all about getting the right cut, specifically ones that contain lots of layers so you do not end up with a ball of fluffy hair.
  • Bangs is a no-no for curly hair. However, you can try other face framing tricks such as tendrils along the side.
  • Always go for a layered haircut. Expert hairstylists agree that a layered cut will allow your curls to move gracefully.

Which is your favorite hairstyle for natural curls?

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