Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Beautiful Hair Colors


I usually like natural hair colors but sometimes a more red color than natural can simply look amazing on you. Hair color is very important because choosing a wrong color, which is not suited for your complexion, makes you look aweful, or, if not aweful, it doesn’t make you look great, and why would you choose any less than great?!
Some women love blonde hair, very light blonde, which I really don’t like at all, and because of the obsession for blonde hair, they choose to look unnatural, weird and have a bad hair, dry, thin with no shine what so ever.
You must work with what you have, if you are natural brunette, why on earth would you choose a light blonde, when it will harm you hair, it will be hard to be cared for and most likely the color will be patchy, your dark roots will look aweful and you will have to dye your hair more often.
Do not choose to dye your hair black, because, again it looks unnatural and it makes you look more mature, and who on earth wants to look older than she is? Black dye is much darked than natural black, so if you want a natural dark color, stick to medium brown dye.
Always ask your stylist about a color you would like for your hair.
These are some special hair colors I love:

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