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5 Childhood Hairstyles That You Should Never Give Up On

Halle Berry curly ponytail

Whenever you are confused about something, it’s always advisable to go back to the basics. You must go back to the simple formulas of what you are doing, and that’s where you’ll find all your solutions. Sometimes, fashion too works on the same principles. Whenever you are confused about what hairdo will suit your outfit best, you must always go back to those childhood hairstyles, which remain evergreen, and help you look stylish at all times.

High Pony

A high pony is the easiest and the most classic hairstyle ever. It gives you a neat, sharp look. It’s best to go with your work outfits, and also looks nice with semi-formal or casual dresses, peplum tops, shirt-skirt combinations, casual T-back tops and shorts combinations etc. With the right makeup, you can contour your face well, and this hairstyle will then compliment your cheekbones very well.

Double Braids

Part your hair from the centre into two equal sections, and then braid them each. These looks is usually followed by school girls, but trust the fashion experts when they say that it’s the cutest style to go with summer dresses, shorts and t-shirt combinations, beachwear and a lot more. Accessorize well with rubber bands, clips, bobby pins etc.

Half Up, Half Down

Remember that classic look your mom always made for you, to tie the top half of your hair, and letting the bottom half be loose? That look was your first step to looking like a princess, and it still works well with prom dresses, evening dresses, summer dresses, and other kinds of formal and casual wear. Braid the top half from the sides, if you feel like adding more texture to it.

French Braid

Yes, this pretty braid was made by you to add variety to your conventional braid. Now, you can use this same braid for a lot of casual and formal wear options. Add a nerdy touch to it with trendy nerd-style glasses. Or go with the holiday feel by adding cute side clips and bobby pins. You can also use this idea with the variation of a side braid to add more style to your look.

Side Bun

As kids, your mother must have made a lot of braids on the front section of your head, which were leading to a thick bun on the side. This style is actually pretty good for wedding receptions, or when you are dressing as a bridesmaid, or when you have other formal occasions at home. It works best when you have great hair accessories, such as natural flowers or hair clips to go with the bun. You can add a slightly more mature touch to the bun by not doing the front braiding, and instead, just texturing your hair into waves, followed by a bun. That goes well to give a nice, red carpet kind of look.

The best part is that all these hairstyles are really easy to make. So you can make them conveniently on an average day without spending too much time!

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