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You Do Not Need Expensive Hair Products to Fight Frizzy Hair

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A bad hair day is a common mishap lot of women experience. But for those who do not enjoy the luxury of controllable hair, every day is a bad hair day as they struggle to keep their frizzy fly-away hair under control. It consumes a big chunk of your daily routine. But with proper  attention and care having manageable sleek hair is easy. While there are usual remedies such as shampooing and conditioning, there are lesser known long lasting natural remedies which work even better than the expensive hair care brands.

What causes frizzy hair?
Excessive blow drying, chemical damage caused by bleaching, hair colouring,  perming and humidity are the usual culprits. In addition, if you naturally have coarse or curly hair you are very much likely to have frizzy hair.

Common remedies to beat the frizzy hair
Start the process of hydrating right in the shower. Use a hydrating and repairing shampoo. Instead of sticking to the same shampoo try different types of shampoos and conditioners and find out what works best with your hair. When your hair is properly nourished the reaction of the hair to humidity will be minimised. In case you use anti-frizz hair products on hair make sure to use them on damp hair applying from roots to tips.

Fight frizzy hair the natural way
Imbalance of pH level is one cause of frizzy hair. The pH levels of the hair can be controlled by rinsing hair with an equal amount of apple vinegar and water after using a hair conditioner.  Make sure to keep eyes shut as the vinegar will sting. Shea butter also ideal to smoothen out hair and there will be no greasy look. Both of these tricks said to be giving long lasting results compared to most of the expensive hair products. Moreover it will keep the hair safe from harsh chemicals.

Natural glycerine also another ingredient that comes to help fixing frizzy hair. After a shower, add a dime-sized amount of natural glycerine to water and apply on wet hair.

Choose the brushes wisely for your hair. Boar-bristle brushes are easy on the hair and help the natural oils on hair to be equally distributed. This is a very overlooked method. But a generous supply of blood flow to the scalp is extremely important to have healthy hair. Detangling the hair strands using a brush before washing will help to keep the hair from being frizzy and also the same time it will stimulate the blood flow on the scalp. And do not forget for curly haired girls wide tooth comb is the best friend.

Just as any other part of the body hair needs to be well taken care of. In case you are having naturally frizzy hair, it needs more care and nurture. Maintaining frizzy hair is an ongoing process. Try out different remedies and find out what works best for your hair. Sometimes you might have to mix a few different tricks to keep your hair sleek and manageable.

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