Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Why You Should Condition Your Hair

Hair Care Conditioner

First of all it is important to know why you need to condition your hair, and how these products work. In essence you want to put back in any of the good oils, vitamins and nutrients that washing and day to day pollution can take out. Conditioning gives your hair an extra barrier against the harmful external factors and help it stay nicer for longer time. Some conditioners literally cover your hair with silicone and keep it shiny and protected. Ideally you want a natural one that will put back in good vitamins and nutrients while staying natural.

Essentially most conditioners create a seal on the hair that hydrates and nourishes the hair and should last most of the day. The benefits of this are healthier and nicely flowing hair, the hair appears shinier , pliable and with most conditioners it will hold its style better. You need to be careful though because you can actually over condition your hair. The signs of over conditioning are that the hair will lack volume and can feel oily thick and heavy. You may also notice these effects if you use the wrong conditioner for your hair type.

By using the right oil for your hair you should see miracles. If you have thinner hair you should use a lighter treatment and nothing too heavy. It is worth experimenting to see what works best for your hair type too. Initially, buy small travel bottles rather than large bottles.

You should look for a conditioner or oil that has protein but you don’t want to overdo it. If you use too much you will end up with brittle and parched hair. Shea butter, soy protein, broccoli seed oil and other essential oils can be a great source. A conditioner or hair oil like silky hare oil from Foad Wax only needs a few drops and should be left in overnight where possible. Despite the product being predominantly a beard oil, Silky Hare Oil is gaining popularity as a hair oil and conditioner too due to the fact it is rich in vitamins A and C and is paraben and silicone free.

If you have shampooed your hair and your hair seems like straw then you may have stripped the oil from the hair. A deep condition should put these back in. You should leave them on for at least 5 minutes and ideally a few hours or overnight.

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