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Top 10 Best Tips For Your Curly Hair


Beautiful hair enhances your beauty. Curly hair, of course, adds prettiness to your appearance. Ignoring your curly hair leads to tangles. Here are some tips for your curly hair.

1.Know your beauty

Curly hair is indeed God gifted. They are fluffy, bouncy and can be styled in any pattern.

2.Selection of products

Be careful while choosing products for your hair such as shampoo, conditioner, oil etc. Always go for branded ones and never use cheap quality products, as they damage your hair undoubtedly. If you do not have sufficient money to buy expensive hair products, especially during month-ends  ,you can go for payday loans.

–  Avoid products with high amount of chemicals.

–  Prefer to buy a hydrating shampoo.

–  Your hair oil may include Aloe Vera, Hibiscus, Gooseberry and Neem extracts for better hair growth.

–  Protect your scalp from infections.

–  Use products according to your hair quality.

–  Frizzy hair needs soothing oils to heal it.

3. Washing

Wash your hair twice a week to remove dirt from it. Use a mild shampoo.

–  Limit the amount of shampoo.

–  Rub gently with your fingertips.

–  Avoid too hot or too cold water for hair wash.

 4. Massage with hair oil

Applying oil to hair infuses nourishment and stimulates its growth and shine.

–  Apply warm oil and massage for better blood circulation.

–  Never use excessive amount of  oil .

–  Dry hair needs more oil whereas oily hair requires less oil.

5. Conditioning

Use god quality conditioners to repair damaged  hair. It is recommended to apply conditioner soon after washing your hair.

–  As your hair is curly , conditioners help you to get rid of tangles.

–  Make sure that it is evenly applied . Do not apply conditioner onto the scalp, unless recommended on the product label or by a professional trichologist.

6. Protect  against bad weather

Take necessary preventive steps to protect your hair during extreme weather conditions.

–  Tie a scarf to avoid direct sun exposure.

–  Always carry an umbrella or rain coat in rainy season.

–  Wear a cap to protect your hair in winter.

7. Tune your mood

Stay active and happy . Bad mood can have adverse effects on curly hair.

8. Pamper your hair

Consuming good food and fruit juices give nourishment to the body as well as hair.

Apply hair masks for shiny curly hair.

9. Accessories

Decorating your hair with stylish clutches, hair bands and other accessories can enhance your beauty. Gems and coloured ribbons can change your look.

10. Hair Styles

Choose a suitable hair style that matches your face and personality.

Following the above tips will help in maintaining your curls and make them  beautiful and strong.


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