Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Shiny Curly Hair


Curly hair is, in general, a dry hair therefore without shine. Shiny, hydrated curls are rare thing to see, but not impossible to obtain. I manage to care for my curly hair without too much effort. The first secret to obtain beautiful, shiny curls is to let your hair dry naturally, not using a dryer. […]

Anti-dandruff Herbal Waters


Today, unfortunately, we forgot the benefits that herbs have in treating various health and cosmetic problems. In this post I will present herbal waters which relieve dandruff effectively. Burdock root hair water. Ingredients: 40 g burdock root tincture 20 g nettle tincture 40 g witch hazel water 3 drops of rosemary oil Stir the tinctures […]

Herbal Infusions for Healthy Hair and Scalp


Herbal infusions are concentrated teas: medicinal plants put in hot water which is covered for at least 20 minutes. Decoction is when the plants are boiled in water for a certain period of time, like 20-30 minutes. In hair’s case is better to use infusions, let them get cool at a proper temperature and then […]

Natural Hair Toning


Chemical hair dyes contain ammonia, synthetic coloring agents, detergents, EDTA, ethanol, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and many other artificial substances. They all pass through the scalp in the bloodstream. Some of these substances are suspected to be carcinogenic. But hair can be toned naturally, without any risk of degradation. It is true that these natural […]

Natural Remedies Against Hair Loss


We all have times when we lose more hair than usual, this should not scare us. We also have our periods of “shedding” to regenerate the hair and this happends mostly in the spring and fall, but massive hair loss is a problem. For men it may not be considered a health problem because of […]

Just Let Your Curly Hair Be


Don’t try to straight it, don’t brush it, just let it be and it will smile back to you. Start loving those curls and always think that so many women with straight hair would kill for a curly hair. Learn how to care for it and what products are best. I hope my blog will […]

Egg Yolk as Natural Shampoo


Natural curly hair is generally dryer because the natural fat spreads harder on hair length. This is why most of curly hair women complain that their hair does not shine, is not hydrated, looks like a straw broom and they hate it :). The majority of shampoos out there do not help us because they […]

Homemade Hair Mask


Home made hair mask will hydrate your dry curly hair. Prepare your hair mask with home made ingredients. Used twice a month will make your hair silky. For all type of hair.

How to Care for Curly Hair

how take care of curly hair

Learn how to care for your curly hair. Find out what products to use, how to wash, comb, dry and how to style your curly hair to have it smooth and beautiful.