Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Natural Remedies Against Hair Loss


We all have times when we lose more hair than usual, this should not scare us. We also have our periods of “shedding” to regenerate the hair and this happends mostly in the spring and fall, but massive hair loss is a problem.
For men it may not be considered a health problem because of the often cases, but for women is not normal to happen and they should consult a physician.
Natural remedies are here to help us resolve all our health or cosmetic problems, including hair loss, and they do it much better than synthetic medicines. Natural products such as castor oil mixed with gas or egg yolks are convenient to use and have great results in hair loss cases. For massive hair loss you should use castor oil mixed with gas else it is enough to mix it with egg yolk, though you can use gas anytime, but because of the smell I think you would prefer egg yolk :). Apply the mixture massaging the hair roots, cover the hair with a plastic bag and stay like this for at least 1 hour, then wash it like usual. If you can sleep with it overnight and wash it the next day is much better. This should be repeated several times a month. Castor oil makes hair grow faster too.
Another extremely efficient natural remedy is homemade or bought pepper tincture, which must be applied with a piece of cotton to the hair roots, letting it act for at least 1h. The pepper tincture stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, you will feel it starts to heat.
These treatments works best at night, when we are relaxed and the pores open, allowing deeper penetration of ingredients.

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