Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Natural Hair Toning


Chemical hair dyes contain ammonia, synthetic coloring agents, detergents, EDTA, ethanol, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and many other artificial substances. They all pass through the scalp in the bloodstream. Some of these substances are suspected to be carcinogenic. But hair can be toned naturally, without any risk of degradation. It is true that these natural substances will not transform a brunette hair into blonde, but they help hair be healthy and beautiful in a natural way.

  • For a subtle color use plants as an infusion or in small quantities mixed with a natural shampoo. For a striking result, let infusion act on freshly washed hair without rinsing it.
  • For black hair, use lavender, indigo powder or black Malva. Let the infusion act for 30 minutes, then rinse. For red hair, try rose hip, paprika, black coffee, Jamaica flowers, red hibiscus, red Zinger tea or calendula. Apply the infusion and leave it 15 minutes on the hair, then rinse.
  • If you have dark brown hair, use rosemary, nettle, ginger, nuts, clove, sage, young fern, coffee, chestnut, maple bark, Sassafras. The infusion should be allowed to act for 30 minutes, then be rinsed.
  • For a light brown hair, try chamomile, marigolds, saffron, orange peel or yellow mullen flowers. Apply infusion for 15 minutes, then rinse.
  • For white hair is recommended chamomile, comfrey root or “blue Malva”. Let the infusion act for 10 minutes. Rhubarb Root will lighten any hair color, having a deeper efect if the hair is dried in the sun. The infusion should be allowed to act for 15 minutes, then rinsed.
  • Henna plant is an ideal treatment for hair giving it a strong red color. Hennatanic acid, the active ingredient in this plant, covers the hair like a protective layer, so it will keep its natural oils and become shinier. Henna mustn’t be used of gray or blonde hair, or hair which was dyed with chemicals or treated with a permanent solution. Henna can be used as an infusion, or for a dramatic effect, as a paste: henna powder should be mixed with water until it acquires a creamy consistency.
    For a darker color, add a spoon of coffe and for a lighter color, add one egg yolk and juice from a lemon. In either situation, add a teaspoon of vinegar to stimulate hair coloring. Place pasta in an enamel pot and heat it in steam bath. The paste is applied on clean and dry hair at a bearable temperature. The paste is left to act for 10-30 minutes: longer time -> stronger color (but it can not be held more than 6 hours).

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