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Natural Hair Dye – An Alternative To Harsh Chemicals?


Over time natural hair dye has been neglected whilst people have chosen to use hair dye that contains synthetic and harmful ingredients instead. In the 1860s, the ingredients used in synthetic hair dye were developed by chemists, Para-Phenylenediamine and Hydrogen Peroxide. The PPD is used as a component but is rather dangerous and isn’t supposed to come into contact with skin, while peroxide is a hair bleach that is very damaging and can ultimately cause burning.

Before these two ingredients started being used, a natural hair dye had been around since 3400 B.C. In Ancient Egypt people used plants such as Henna, Indigo, Senna, Amla and more to change their hair colour and cover grey hairs. Other eras have also used plants to create hair dye. Still today, we have hair dyes with these ingredients in, so that people can change their hair colour without damaging their skin or hair. Natural hair dye can also be used more often without being unhealthy for people, while it’s known that synthetic hair dye can cause damage after the first use.

When changing hair colour, natural hair dye isn’t the only option.  Over the years many people have tried out different methods that allow them to change their hair colour with all natural ingredients. Whether they want to go lighter or darker, they can do so with other sources but, like all hair dyes, the outcome depends on the colour the individual had before. For lifting colour, people have been using lemon since the Italian Renaissance. The juice acts as a natural bleach that they put on their hair and then they sit in the sun so that its UV rays can intensify the process – the results are quite amazing!

For darkening hair with alternative natural hair dye, people can use walnut shells. The method includes boiling the shells, straining then letting it cool before applying the resulting liquid to the hair. This is a simple method to getting darker hair and even coffee can help create dark hair. There are many ways that individuals can achieve a different look without using synthetic hair dyes and this also means that their hair will stay in better condition. With synthetic hair dye people are constantly damaging their hair. They can cause dryness, breakage and split ends or even worse burning on the scalp and skin reactions. This is why natural hair dyes are a better option and why so many people are now turning to them for great colour without the pain.

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