Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Egg Yolk as Natural Shampoo


Natural curly hair is generally dryer because the natural fat spreads harder on hair length. This is why most of curly hair women complain that their hair does not shine, is not hydrated, looks like a straw broom and they hate it :).
The majority of shampoos out there do not help us because they contain detergents that clean “too well”, which dries our hair even more. We need a soft shampoo, preferable with no other chemicals, and the only products with no chemicals are natural products.
As a solution for this problem, and with a high success rate, is egg yolk used as a natural shampoo. It nourishes the scalp and hair and cleans pretty well.
Separate egg-whites from yolks and mix yolks very well. For my rather long hair, 2 yolks are enough.
Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water, removing dirt and grease as much as possible then apply the yolks with your fingers on the whole scalp, massaging well. Do not use your nails!!!
Use the rest of yolks for the hair length as you use your shampoo. It will not form foam but it will clean your hair.
After you finish do not clean it yet. Stay with the yolks on your hair for like 10 minutes to let it act.
Cleanse with warm water, not hot, because hot water dries your hair and scalp, then use your favourite conditioner.
I will keep mentioning this: Curly hair musn’t be brushed, because the curls are ruined!!! Just use a rare toothed comb one time, after you wash your hair, and until next washing, just let it be. The use of a good conditioner is a must!

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