Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Curly Hair Must-Have Tools


There are a few specific curly hair must-have tools which should be owned and used by every person who has this type of hair. The tools I definitelly recommend are:

  • a wide tooth comb which must be used to detangle your wet hair after washing. Curly hair mustn’t be detangled every day like straight hair does, because the curls are ruined. If you use a good conditioner or hair mask, you will not have any problems detangling your hair at the next wash.
  • a dryer with diffuser. Even though I always dry my hair naturally, I know most of women use dryers because of time lack. Just remember that by using a hair dryer your curly hair will not shine. If you are ok with this aspect then you must use a dryer diffuser which was especially created for drying curls. Use good styling products to prevent hair drying, as in dehydration. There is a certain method to use dryer diffuser. Just follow the advices shown in this video:

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