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Byebye split ends, 3 steps to banishing split ends forever!

curly hair split ends

Also known as Trichoptilosis, split ends are the splitting or fraying of the hair-shaft due to excessive heat and mechanical stress leaving hair damaged and manipulated. Nobody likes them but unfortunately they are a fact of life and still manage to nuzzle their way in leaving our poor locks in distress.

We can all admit that healthy hair is difficult to maintain especially with split ends’ every intention of destroying our length and hair health dreams. However, the solution to split ends is to act quickly. Do not neglect split ends if you discover them. If you ignore them, the more shaft of the hair will split. The end of that story is that a rather drastic haircut has become inevitable to get the hair healthy again, with possibly dramatic consequences for you and your looks.

To have a Split end-proof hair, you can incorporate these easy tips to ensure that your hair remains your crowning glory.

1.      Trim

The only way to cure split ends is to trim your hair. Trimming is a 100% effective road to recovery from split ends as they tend to work their way up the hair shaft causing further damage over time. Trimming your ends regularly with sharp shears before they break off is great split end preventive maintenance. Always try to trim your hair while it is dry. Some people prefer wet trimming, but this can lead to split ends. Just like cutting paper, cutting wet paper does not give you as clean a cut as cutting the same paper dry. The same principle applies to your hair. Examine your ends regularly and visit a professional stylist for a proper trim and shaping.

2.      Shampooing

Consider your hair care routineby washing your hair as infrequently as possible. Shampooing your hair too often dries it out and leaves it more vulnerable to split ends. Regular shampooing strips your strands of too many natural oils drying them out and making them prone to breakage and split ends. That’s a good excuse to skip a wash.

Shampoos that are too harsh on the hair will zap the hair of its precious moisture content. Always use gentle shampoo formulations and make sure your protein and moisturizing deep conditioning regimen in on point to counteract the cuticle wear and tear. After shampooing, always hydrate your hair with a leave in conditioner before pulling back your hair making it less likely to split.

3.      Mind your heat tools

The use of hot styling tools will dry out the hair leaving split ends inevitable. Heat rapidly depletes the moisture balance and affects the protein structure within the hair shaft. Frequent and improper use of heat can take a perfectly healthy strand of hair and damage it beyond repair in one short session!

Before blow drying, straightening, using curling irons or any kind of hot tool remember to apply a heat protecting serum. It protects your hair from getting damaged due to the heart. Treat your hair with tender loving care especially when it is wet and tenderly dry it by pressing a towel against it rather than toweling your hair dry.

The original and best solution to split ends is to ensure that you do not get any, the way you maintain the condition of your hair is of high importance!

This is a guest post from Vicky Olubi. Vicky is the creator of curly hair product range, My Curls. When Vicky’s not in the kitchen mixing up sweet-scented hair treats, she enjoys teaching, reading and sharing her hair care wisdom with her newsletter subscribers. For more information visit www.mycurls.co.uk.

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