Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

A Lazy Girls Guide To Healthier Curly Hair


Guest post written by Vicky Olubi. Vicky is the founder and creator of My Curls, a curly hair company that produces curly hair products. Vicky shares free hair care advice in her monthly newsletter at www.mycurls.co.uk.

Whilst some curly girls prefer to spend hours on a daily hair regimen, many curly girls prefer a simpler life. This begs the question, is it possible to look after your natural curls in a way that’s easy and not time-consuming?


Here’s a quick, easy and actionable guide to getting healthier curls without having to spend hours on daily regimes.Follow these four rules and you’ll see a vast improvement in your hair’s health and appearance, so much in fact that others will notice.

Rule #1

Prepare your hair the night before. If you leave styling and caring for your hair to the last minute, it’ll take you hours to fix in the morning. As women who are pressed for time we can’t possibly spend 2 hours in the morning prepping our hair. Thus, getting it ready the night before makes things so much easier. To create a great night time routine, start with moisturizing your hair at night, oiling your scalp so that it doesn’t get dry and examining your hair for unhealthy ends. In no time you’ll notice that your hair is healthier, stronger and much easier to maintain.

Rule #2

Keep your utensils on hand. Always, always, always have good hair tools on hand so that you’re prepared for virtually any hair situation. Three hair tools that I particularly love are a wide toothed comb, Goody Ouchless brush and hairpins. Who doesn’t love hairpins? These three pieces of equipment should always be on hand so that you’re ready to switch hairstyles or fix up your hair seamlessly.

Rule #3

Add oil to your regime. When people hear the word oil they think og greasy muck but oils are meant to be that way. In fact, a good hair oil can be your hair’s saviour! When choosing a hair oil try to pick one that solely contains natural ingredients like olive oil, sweet almond or grape- seed oil. Oils are brilliant because they add shine and shimmer and they also add moisture to your hair.

Rule #4

Always detangle when wet. Detangling curly hair when dry is one of the worst things a girl can do to her hair. It’s a recipe for pain, tears and damaged hair. If you want hair that’s healthier and longer, comb and detangle your hair only when it’s wet or damp.

There you have it, those are four very simple rules that curly girls should abide by. To make these changes actionable, follow one rule a day for a week and see what a difference it makes to your hair.

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