Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

A Few Advices For A Healthy Hair

Curly hair is usually low in fat and fluids that makes the hair to often resist any attempt of styling. The best remedies for taming rebellious curls are oil treatments and special care products, hair wax for smoothing and shaping. After shampooing, massage your hair with oil, which will be left on for half an hour in the towel. Oils are removed by washing with shampoo. Lotions containing silicone will be applied on wet hair and not be rinsed. It is equally important to allow the hair to dry naturally. After drying hair wax will be applied.
Split ends?
To have a long and healthy hair till the ends, it is required to invest in special treatments. For a shoulder length hair, the ends are at least three years old. Meanwhile, the hair was washed, combed, straightened or curled hundreds of times. This is why, after every wash, I recommend applying a conditioner that contains provitamins. If the ends are split, there remains no choice but to cut your hair a few inches. Another strategy that you can use, it is to cut your hair by utilizing “hot scissors”, which can be executed on a regular basis by the hairdresser. Through this process, the ends will not be cut drastically, but will be heat sealed, preventing split ends and thus forced hair shortening.
Brittle hair?

The causes for hair fragility are multiple: starting with improper hair care and ending with the overuse of chemicals. However, bear in mind that by using the appropriate treatment, almost any type of hair damage can be fixed. The most important is starting right away to protect your hair, especially during washing because wet hair is very vulnerable. Even before shampooing, apply a nourishing conditioner. Doing so, the very deteriorated parts will be protected during washing, and hair is then combed easily. For combing wet hair, use a large tooth comb, never the brush. Start with the ends and continue slowly towards the root. After each washing, apply a very nourishing conditioner, and every two to three washes, an intensive treatment. During the intensive treatment, hair is kept under aluminum foil and heated towel.

Capillary Massage

The scalp massage improves the roots supply with nutrients from the blood and also relaxes. It is done very easy: the fingertips oriented perpendicular to the scalp, perform a circular motion, be careful not to rub! Massage will be more pleasant, if, by pipette, you drop a few drops of rosemary, lavender or sandalwood oils. These products have the effect of relaxation and refreshment. If the scalp is very sensitive, use a shampoo that does not contain dyes and perfumes, but contains B5 provitamin.

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