Learn How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Byebye split ends, 3 steps to banishing split ends forever!

curly hair split ends

Also known as Trichoptilosis, split ends are the splitting or fraying of the hair-shaft due to excessive heat and mechanical stress leaving hair damaged and manipulated. Nobody likes them but unfortunately they are a fact of life and still manage to nuzzle their way in leaving our poor locks…

Best Hairstyles for Natural Curls

pretty girl with curly hair

Women that were born with curly hair tend to hate their curls. Not only does the hair pouf, but the slightest contact with humidity can cause frizz to show up. Another reason why naturally curly women despise the locks they’re born with is that they assume they have limited…

How to Cut Curly Hair to Eliminate Poof

how to cut curly hair to eliminate poof

Managing curly can be a challenging feat. It tends to get frizzy easily, resulting in unmanageable and unruly hair. Eliminating poof is important to ensure healthy and manageable hair. Here are few tips to help eliminate poof.

Never use a dryer to dry your hair. If you must, make sure…

Handling The Heat: Summer Healthy Hair Guide

curly hair beach

A healthy mane of full and flowing locks is the ultimate accessory, especially during the summer months. But be warned when you’re on your hols, over exposure to sunlight and swimming pools will damage your hair causing dreaded split ends and making it dry and unmanageable.

There are loads of…

How to Get Silky Soft Tresses That Beg to be Touched

silky curls

As a little girl of six I remember being fascinated by the way my mother’s fiery red hair caught the sun’s rays when she’d sit at the edge of her bed brushing her hair every morning. Her hair was fire; cascading waves of liquid red, spilling over her shoulders…

5 Childhood Hairstyles That You Should Never Give Up On

Halle Berry curly ponytail

Whenever you are confused about something, it’s always advisable to go back to the basics. You must go back to the simple formulas of what you are doing, and that’s where you’ll find all your solutions. Sometimes, fashion too works on the same principles. Whenever you are confused about…

Finding the Ideal Hair Part for Your Face Shape

Beyonce Knowles curly hair part

Curly or straight? Short or long? Layered, blunt or with a fringe?

Most women generally make a big deal out of picking the right hair style for their face shape. They can spend hours poring over hairstyle magazines, buying hair straighteners or curlers, figuring out what shape their face is…

How To Improve The Look Of Your Hair


Curls are becoming more popular in today’s world, and nothing looks better than shiny, glossy curls that flow in the wind. The time for straight hair has come and gone, curls are the new look, and you too can achieve this with a few simple steps.

1. Maintain A Healthy…

Curly Hair Styles That Wont Frizz Out In The Rain

Curly Hair Styles That Wont Frizz Out In The Rain

Curly hair can look very beautiful, but it is more prone to frizz, especially when it is raining. Dealing with frizzy hair can be very frustrating if you have to be somewhere important. Luckily, there are a few curly hairstyles you can create that will not frizz out in…

Do Curls Get The Gurls?

Reece Ritchie curly hair style

Do curls really get the girls? Recently, it seems a lot of guys think “curls kill”. We’ve seen a sudden trend in the male population using their sisters hair straighteners to get a sleeker look. But is straight really sexier or are traditional curls stealing the hearts of fair…